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The Diablo 3 Gold
There were the usual little monsters, blue, Alma as monsters in Diablo 2, monsters of diablo 3 gold in beta. Lightning and fire can make them stronger. Wherever they go, there was the fire behind. And it will be a balloon before exploding when they died. The dragon with 3 heads can do the role die easily. In addition, many interesting characters are added as moving in one second, to participate in different samples and turn left. But the beta version has a problem below. There will be no danger of killing hundreds of monsters. The bloody Ottl is useful to the role that live longer when picked up many advanced monsters.

The mission of the beta version of linearity. I used to explore the story of Barbaro, and has been approved for 3 hours. But it is only an hour after the familiar. It is clear hints, when this operation is derived from Diablo 3 Map showing where to go and what to do. It goes without saying. There were two random functions under the city. The awards are the experiences of blue and the regular evaluating of diablo 3 gold stuff. They are all easily. What's more, the task will call the interlude of the NPC and tongue movements to play without unnecessary dialogues and animations. That less games, "the pressure without any problems.

The map is big. It takes a couple of times around the meadow outside the city. What ubderground city, there are 2-3 inputs to each of the Prairie. Inside was a little 'underground cities of Alma, with the monsters inside. There is also a large tree holes in space, I used to get. You can take a half day out. What is the most important city in history to mention all underground and a few large plans. Random map was made a few solid components, but doesnot like Diablo 2 issues. Show lethal equipment, and are what the players do not care.

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